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Macbook Users Request For Updates In Their Photo App

A long time back, specifically four years, Apple had announced and provided their Macbook users with the Messages Beta. According to some of the most experienced users of the Mac Book, an upgrade for the iChat was a long overdue matter. Moreover, after Apple had introduced the using of iMessage for the Macbook users, it bridged a gap between Mac OS X users as well as iOS users. Most users, starting off iChat with this new feature, were quite excited regarding the matter but most of the excitement was lost when the camera option was found to be missing.

Macbook Users Request For Updates In Their Photo App

Way back when the Macbook was first introduced to the public, it came as a revelation to many. The main upgrade that the notebook had over any other such device at that point of time was the inclusion of a camera along with a personal computer. Before the introduction of the Mac Book, no one could think of a notebook having an inbuilt camera. Most are actually got drawn towards the Macbook due to the inclusion of this camera feature.

Since then, a lot of notebooks have been launched by various different top rated companies which have notable cameras and features. Today, the cameras available with Macbooks are actually forgotten. Since its introduction, the basic quality of the camera has not been improved a lot. Thus, many prefer actually using the iPhone or iPad camera to do all their online chatting.

On the other hand, it’s not that the camera cannot be used. With the new OS updates the Macbook has, the camera can still be reintroduced if the company wants to. Moreover, unless the Apple Macbook camera can be re‐introduced to the public, not only will the camera be forgotten, but also the various apps that use the camera on the Mac Book.

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