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Memory Boost! This New Technology By Intel Can Superpower Your Macbook

Intel is always experimenting with new technology and last year they released 3D Xpoint. This is completely different and they called it a massive breakthrough. The memory process scenario will be benefitted and when it will be integrated with Mac, the system will run faster and it will be more durable as well. Previously DRAM chips were used and 3D Xpoint’s density is ten times higher. The innovation is visible at every point and this cross point layout has no transistors.

Memory Boost! This New Technology By Intel Can Superpower Your Macbook

The memory cells are located in the intersection and every individual cell is addressed. The main aim was to make the data processing faster and as small amounts of data are handled, it is done quite easily.

“Crosspoint” is the future, it will produce amazing results and this is just the beginning. In 2016, major devices will use this and the memory of these machines will be powered. Apple has already contacted them and they want it. Macbooks are amazing and now with this addition, it can very well become a super machine. The AHCI protocol will be replaced by the SSD protocol and it is all for the performance issue. There are no compatibility problems with NVMe as well and 3D Xpoint scores points here as well. So will Apple totally reject the old technology? Well, there are no updates on this, but NVMe is going to stay for the time being.

Cool new technology is what Apple looks for and Skylake Macs will have different drives with superfast speed. Intel will roll it out slowly and in 2017 we may see widespread adoption. The prices of updated Macs will be higher, so some major decisions will be taken. When creating a mass use product, several things needs to considered, performance improvements are good but the affordability should be within reach. Apple will announce it sometime soon, till then the new technology will be closely monitored.

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