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San Bernardino Phone Expected To Hold Cyber Bomb

FBI has provided with the latest argument regarding the San Bernardino case in which FBI and Apple are going head to head. According to the arguments provided, the FBI are expecting the iPhone 5c, which belonged to one of the shooters, Syed Farook, holds a program which can render the cyber security system of the US government, useless. Specifically, it is speculated that the cyber bomb is still dormant and the iPhone holds the key to start off the pathogen. This dormant pathogen can be very dangerous to not only the US government, but also the general public of the country.

San Bernardino Phone Expected To Hold Cyber Bomb

The particular iPhone involved with the case was actually an iPhone handed over by the San Bernardino County and given to the workers of the Department of Public Health. One of the shooters worked with the County Health Department and thus had this particular iPhone in his possession. The District Attorney of the San Bernardino County, Michael Ramos, is also siding with the FBI and is in favor of making Apple create the backdoor and help the FBI.

According to Ramos, the speculations of the FBI can in fact be true and the iPhone can actually hold the key to the dormant pathogen. Thus, it is very important to unlock the phone and see if the speculations are true. On the other hand, Apple is still arguing that creating a backdoor will not only help the FBI, but also will give them power to look into any Apple iPhone using the backdoor. Ultimately, this will result in loss of credibility of Apple’s security system and will harm the company.

Moreover, it is not only Apple who feels the need to protect the encryption system of their phones. There are a number of top tech companies who are siding with Apple regarding this case and stating that it is a question of ethics when it comes to creation of a backdoor.

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