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IDC’s Prediction For 2016‐2017 For Apple And iPhones

As per the latest tracker made by IDC pertaining to mobile phones, there seems to be a mix of bad and good news for Apple. The report states that 2015 seems to be a really good year for Apple as selling price on an average as well as the number of sales seems to have gone up.

IDCs Prediction For 2016‐2017 For Apple And iPhones

While the iPhone shipment numbers have set a new record with a 20.2% growth resulting to 231.5 million iPhones that have been shipped when compared to 2014, this numbers show that it was double than what we had seen earlier. Even the Average Selling price for the company went to $713 in 2015 from 2014’s ASP of $663.

The bad news is that this year, things seem to be getting really tough for the company. It seems to be that the company’s growth is slowing down a bit especially in the core makers like China, Europe and USA. On the other hand, Africa and India seems to be markets that are really good for the growth as they are buying brands that are cheap.

As per IDC, it is also believed that the trade in program that has been developed b Apple seems to have helped in the company’s sale. This is program that deals with older android and iPhones handsets. The forecast of the firm also sees that next year will again mark the peak for the iPhone sales.

In 2013, apple had first launched the program for trade in however the impact was limited. For a few people, selling their iPhone on EBay seemed to be a better choice and the buy a new iPhone in cash. However now the company seemed to have made a few changes in the program and have also brought the scheme for the handsets of their competitors as well.

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