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District Attorney Of San Bernardino Suspects A Cyber Pathogen In Shooters iPhone

Apple’s fight is no longer alone against the FBI and even though they are getting the necessary support, however there are still a few amicus who support the FBI. On Thursday, there was an amicus filed by a District Attorney of San Bernardino on Thursday night. Michael Ramos, the District Attorney who is in support of the FBI had claimed that the iPhone of the shooters might just contain evidence that can help in the case development and was in favor of the FBI’s demand about the backdoor creation for unlocking the Phone. He even stated that the phone cold contain cyber pathogen which could exploit the infrastructure of San Bernardino.

District Attorney Of San Bernardino Suspects A Cyber Pathogen In Shooters iPhone

For the first time since the case was opened, somebody went ahead and emphasized the possible reason for interest on unlocking the iPhone. Even though it may be a scary thought of the cyber pathogen idea however there doesn’t seem to be any kind of sense in what he said.

Jonathan Zdziarskil a forensic expert on iPhone wrote a blog where he had explained that the technical substance may not even be there. Even if you try to read what is unwritten, the meaning what not be sensible in any manner.

Even if there was any kind of virus in existence with the iPhone being the host in any way, the device could have easily been jail broken. The fight between the FBI and Apple has now gone official and is set to be heard on 22nd of this month. This would also be a day soon after Apple has its media event where it is suppose to launch the 9.7″ iPad Pros, iPhone 4″ and even the latest Apple watch design. So far companies like Dropbox, Microsoft, Snapchat, Facebook and Google are just a few of the many companies that are standing by the company against the FBI.

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