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Vimeo’s Latest Update Release Is Loaded With Features

For iOS app users who use Vimeo, then the good news is now this app can also be used for those devices that have iOS 9 thanks to the latest version that was released. This latest features of this services include improved delivery for content, faster video sharing options and a lot other features and facilities.

Vimeos Latest Update Release Is Loaded With Features

User who has iPads will be more than happy to know that this service also has the picture in feature which can be used as a video play even if a person is using any other app. Even the video service of the feature is tuned up so that it can make the necessary recommendations and even discover the different features with the new and updated version.

It is also being said that it will become easy for a person to discover various kinds of categories like Documentary, Travel, Animation, Music and various others. Even the navigation system of the service has been done up in such a way that it provides the users a better experience.

Another good thing is the fact that the service also has a search feature that allows the user to search content that is within the app as well as the iOS database. The other feature that has been added to Vimeo‘s app is the ability to upload videos and even the video player. It seems to be that the developers have worked things in such a way that it gives the user an all round experience even without opening the app.

It has a design that is super fresh which is user friendly as well as easy for the person’s eye. This app also allows you watch add free video in HD quality and even share, manage and upload the videos of your choice. It also allows you to go ahead and follow the different creators and categories that a person prefers.

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