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Apple Gets The Support Of The United Nations In Regards Of The Fight Against The FBI

Apple now also has the support of the United Nations against their fight with the FBI pertaining to the fact that they were asked to develop a backdoor that could break into the iOS phones of the San Bernardino shooter.

Apple Gets The Support Of The United Nations In Regards Of The Fight Against The FBI

The UN had even gone ahead and written a letter that was in support of the company pertaining to the case. David Kaye, a Special Rapporteur of the U.N. stated that in case the feds were even successful in getting a backdoor created it would go ahead and interfere with the freedom and rights of expression for the citizens.

He even argued about the fact that encryption is the exercise of a person’s freedom of expression and opinion in this present age and is their fundamental right. He also went on to say that the demands made by the FBI are not necessary. He also went on to say that the Government does have various other ways to go ahead and investigate that matter with the use of different kinds of operational and technical measures.

It is not clear as to why the Government wants the company to create the software for this particular investigation just to gain access to a particular iPhone. Kayes also questioned if the investigation team went to any other agency to take help in unlocking the shooter’s iPhone 5c. James Comey, the Director of the FBI states that have tried other options like other agencies and even their internal resources to get help from them to unlock the phone.

Even though this was said, there were a few members of the committee of congressional representatives who were still not convinced about the fact that the FBI has done whatever they could to gain the access on the iPhone. Even the San Bernardino’s surviving victim Anies Kondoker’s husband also wrote a letter that was in the favor of the company.

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