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Sunnyvale Plan That Was Used By Pepsi Is Now Leased By Apple

The Silicon Valley Business Journal had recently given a report which stated that a Californian industrial property which is located in Sunnyvale has been leased out by Apple. It is said that the 96,000 sq feet property was at one time was one of the bottling plants of Pepsi. Now this space is completely occupied by Apple. Earlier there were reports which had stated that Apple’s Electric car project which is named Titan was being tested in Sunnyvale. This testing was being done in the outskirts of the city where a shell company that goes by the name of Sixty Eight Research was handling the necessary operations.

Sunnyvale Plan That Was Used By Pepsi Is Now Leased By Apple

Nobody knows exactly how long the building has been leased by Apple, however as per sources, until 2013, Pepsi was operating there and ever since then the building was vacant. Built in the year 1957, the building sits on a plot of 5 acres and the structure of the building looks more like a warehouse instead of a regular office building.

The lease details are still unclear, however the claims that are made by the reports however what is known is the fact that ad per what has been mentioned on the lease that was submitted in the month of January hinted on the fact that the company does not have any kind of plans or intentions to make any kind of change to the building. They intent to use just the way it is. Recently there has been a lot of expansion that has been happening in Sunnyvale.

It is believed that the company has gone ahead and rented out a space for an office in the city so that the initiatives in their electric car project can be carried out easily. Apple had also leased out two other properties which are located close by to the warehouse property, one is 140,000 sq ft while the other is 80.257 sq ft and both are around 10 mins away.

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