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Mac Users Can Now Create Their Own GIF With GIF Brewery 3

The brains behind the Sound Hound have now created an iOS voice search app that has been released today which was named Hound. This is a search application that is driven by a person’s voice and the whole point is to ensure that the search results happen fast. This application’s interface is straight to the point. There are also a few topics that are very similar which can be referred to by the customers. The customer can also type the question no matter how complex it may be and it will be easily handled by the app.

Mac Users Can Now Create Their Own GIF With GIF Brewery 3

Ever since Siri was developed, the users wanted the virtual assistant t have a little more developments so that their virtual assistant can do more. However, the only thing that really happened was that there a few updates that happened regularly which was more towards the speed and usability. There are more companies that are trying to compete with the iOS directly ever since the recent reports have stated that Siri will slowly move to Mac. In comparison to Cortana and Google Now, Siri has taken the lead when it comes to user satisfaction.

The latest competitor or Siri is Hound, it is said that the user interface is reminiscent and simplistic. The attention can be drawn just by tapping the single button that is located on the bottom centre of the screen. The user can go ahead and even ask the application the most complex question. If a user wants to ask a question, they can do so by simply by saying OK Hound.

There are a multitude of results that will come out of the Hound search. You can gain information from nutritional facts, hotel locations, weather etc. You can also ask questions like locating the nearest Asian restaurants that are located nearby which do not include sushi bars, Japanese or Korean cuisines.

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