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June Quarter Marks The Shipment Of 45 M iPhones As Per Supply Chain Reports

It is said that the shipments for iPhone in the upcoming quarter of June is said to be a lot better than what was expected by the Wall Street investors, all thanks to the launch of the upcoming and most awaited 4″ iPhone SE. As per the latest information and the close eye on the supply chain of the iPhone, the projections have been spotted for the months to come. It is said that the June quarter is said to have a demand of 4 million units, while the numbers for the entire year is said to not more than 14 million iPhone units. The Apple suppliers are said to be Radiant, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, Chip bond, Pegatro, Catcher are some of the main suppliers of the company.

June Quarter Marks The Shipment Of 45 M iPhones As Per Supply Chain Reports

Tim Cook, the CO of Apple said repeatedly that the data of the supply chain can also result into conclusions that are erroneous. However during the end of last the suppliers of iPhone had cut the estimates which gave fuel to the speculation that the device in the year 2016 might just see a decline.

In January, the forecasts were actually proved to be true and accurate as it was said by the company to its investors that the sales for the iPhone for the first time have shrunk in the quarter that ended on March 2016. In 1st quarter of 2015, the company had sold around 61 million iPhones; this itself is a tough competition for the company. Apart from that, the June 2015 quarter marked the sale of 47.5 iPhones. It is also said that the launch of the iPhone SE 4″ which is said to be on the March 21st media event will help boost the sales of the company along with launch of the various other models and the latest features of the 3D Touch and the live photos.

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