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Tesla Now Hires Bannon Another Ex Employee Of Apple

It seems to be that the chess game between Apple and Tesla is now poaching. Tesla seems to winning when it comes to getting quality pieces. A few weeks back, there were reports that Jim Keller, the legendary architect for chips, who was hired by Tesla as the VP of Autopilot Hardware Engineering. It is now learnt that even Keller has been joined by Peter Bannon, who was the Dec Alpha in the company until earlier. Word has it that there are plans that the company is planning to start designing their own silicon.

Tesla Now Hires Bannon Another Ex Employee Of Apple

In 2012, before leaving Apple, Keller and Bannon were in the leaders of the processor development part of Apple. This was after the company had acquired PA semi, which was the firm that used to make chips for the company. The two of them were leading the development team of Apple’s A5 and A4 processors. This was used to power a lot of the mobile devices that were manufactured by the company between 2012 ‐ 2012.

Even though Keller had left ad joined AMD, Bannon was still a part of the company and had developed various other chips for the company. Recently he also quit the company and is back with Keller by joining Tesla.

Bannon is also known to be the brains behind the invention of numerous patents which are processor related, is the latest person who has come onboard Tesla. The poaching war between apple and Tesla seems to be getting very interesting. However it does give birth to one question, does Tesla have plans to start designing their own processors. The company seems to already have the two best names in the industry, with their skills; engineering expertise as well as their knowledge can prove to be beneficial for the various other departments of the company.

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