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Some Changes To Help Enhance The OS X

This year has been really important as Apple seems to be more receptive and open to the feedback that it has been getting. With the iPad Pro and iOS 9, the company seemed to make a big leap since last year. Let us note down everything that should be incorporated so that that the wish list can be completed. Customers who use the various products of Apple, in the coming years would like to see a lot more happening. It does seem that the OS X does have a good future. The wish list can help make a huge difference so that the product can be really better. This can be done by alternating a few things. Some of them are as follows

Some Changes To Help Enhance The OS X

Enhancement of split screens

The split screen allows us to go ahead and use two apps together at one time. The next thing that is needed is that an app should be developed wherein with the use of the 2nd window; the users can also go ahead and have the benefit of dual papers or web pages that are on each side.

Screen side hinging for open URL’s

Another thing that would be preferred would be the opened links of the various apps that can be used on either side. This can be done just by the replacing the current application. With this feature, the URLs for messages and mails will open automatically in the browser instead of kicking the user out.

Custom View for providers of controller extension

The company has already managed to create a good way which helps to control the view of one application form another. While this is something that has been used all over the OS, however the one thing that can really help out would be the ability to provide various kinds of functionality which can help in enhancing the view controller experiences.

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