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New Development On The San Bernardino Case: Victim States That The iPhone Has No Usable Information

For a long time now, the FBI is trying to force Apple to help them crack open the iPhone 5c which was in possessions of one of the shooters of the San Bernardino case. According to them, since Apple has still not complied with the order, the FBI has made no extra progress on the regarding the case. Moreover, Apple has denied any kind of assistance regarding this matter, since complying with the order will actually make the company compromise the security of all the users of Apple iPhones worldwide.

New Development On The San Bernardino Case: Victim States That The iPhone Has No Usable  Information

In this particular case, even the surviving victims and or the relatives of the victims have provided with some insight. Some feel that Apple should in fact help the FBI find justice. Others feel that the security of information of the general public of the nation is much more important.

Anies Kondoker was one of the main victims to the San Bernardino case. She was actually shot thrice during the attack, but still was able to survive. After a few grueling surgeries and a long recovery period, she is now quite fine. All through this grueling period, the one person who never left her side was her husband, Salihin Kondoker. This particular survivor, with the help of her husband has provided the court with a very vital information send in the form of a letter. According to the contents of the letter, the iPhone carried by the shooter, the very phone all this fuss is about may come of no use regarding this matter.

This particular iPhone, which was being used by the San Bernardino shooter, was a standard iPhone provided to all the employees by the San Bernardino County. The victim, Anies Kondoker was also one of the employees, and thus had a similar standard issue iPhone. According to the user, this particular iPhone was only meant for work and thus the victim used the same as only a work phone. She had never kept any private information on this iPhone and had also never used it for any kind of private communication.

Moreover, the device was actually controlled by the County. Thus, the County had easy access to the iCloud accounts and used them regularly to track the work done and the whereabouts of the employees. Due to this very reason, that the information and communication using this particular iPhone was not at all private. Thus, it is a big doubt that the iPhone used by the shooter will have any relevant information about the whole shooting case.

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