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San Bernardino Victims To Legally Support FBI Federal Court Order

Previous year, it was hard and sad time for the people of San Bernardino. Many lost their loved ones in the terrorist shooting that took place there. In course of the investigation that took place after the event, a lot of information has come out and a lot of items confiscated by the FBI. One of the items was an iPhone 5c belonging to the shooter of the San Bernardino case, Syed Farook. According to the FBI, this phone potentially held a lot of information and needed to be unlocked. For this purpose, they released a court order aimed at the manufacturing company of the phone, Apple, to create such software which will allow the FBI to bypass the phone’s security system and gain access to it.

San Bernardino Victims To Legally Support FBI Federal Court Order

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, on the other hand stated that this was an outrageous order as it will actually create a backdoor to all iPhones and will give the FBI access to any Apple iPhone in the world, which in turn will put the privacy of Apple users across the world at risk. Stating this, Apple refused to comply with the court order and is battling it at present. Stephen Larson was formerly a federal judge, but is now leading a private practice. He is one of the many lawyers who are representing the various victims or groups of victims of the San Bernardino case. According to the lawyer, his clientele was actually attacked by a terrorist group and many lost loved ones. They personally were affected by this attack and want to know why it happened. In short, they are siding with the FBI court order and wants Apple to help the state investigating body to gain access to the shooter’s iPhone.

To this, the Tim Cook stated that they are quite sad about the loss faced by the victims of the San Bernardino case and demand justice for the affected. He also stated that the company will be helping the government investigation as much as they possibly and ethically can.

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