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Top San Bernardino Cop Reveals Shocking Details About The Encrypted iPhone

Encryption, Privacy and most importantly Apple’s Reputation, the recent battle between the tech firm & FBI involved everything. FBI pressurized Apple from every angle and wanted to take control of the situation, but that didn’t happen. Apple held their ground firmly and they stood for the people. But this case is not yet over, the final decision will have a significant impact on the society and it can alter people’s viewpoints. The gunman involved in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino used Apple’s iPhone and matters got very complicated thereon. But a top cop from the city revealed something completely shocking. He believes that the iPhone in question might contain no valuable information. This is rather strange as so much discussion is going on regarding hacking and privacy.

Top San Bernardino Cop Reveals Shocking Details About The Encrypted iPhone

Jarrod Burguan backed FBI and said Apple should co‐operate in this case and offer the technical assistance. It is a different issue, whether the handset contains anything or not. He believes the gunman’s iPhone only had some contacts and nothing more than that. Moreover, it was found out that he himself uses multiple Apple devices. Jarrod stated that it is the FBI’s duty to do the investigation thoroughly to ensure justice and they are doing just that. The matter is presented in a wrong way and with so much of media involvement, it is getting worse. Lives were lost in that unfortunate shooting incident and the family of the victims deserves justice, this is why the FBI is being proactive.

If Apple gives access to the encrypted phone, there is a possibility that future terrorist attacks can be prevented. But Burguan thinks; the probability of such a thing is quite low. Meanwhile according to a court order, Apple must build a backdoor and supply the required information to FBI. This will most definitely raise security related questions in the minds of users. Apple is doing their best to prevent this, but the question is for how long.

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