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New PayPal For New Apple iPhones

After a long time, the wait is finally over. In a blog post a few days back, PayPal announced that they have updated the original user interface of the PayPal app for Apple iPhone users. For the latest iPhones, the popular iOS app has a more interactive interface which is easier to use and looks quite attractive too. This app is only for Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users. Minute details have been added to all the features currently available in PayPal, along with the introduction of a brand new design of the start menu.

New PayPal For New Apple iPhones

Though the working remains almost the same, the interface has a stunning new look, and can be termed as the most improved section of the new app. Now, the start menu has the ability to let the user check and manage their balance, check out all their recent activities, request for money, send out money and also helps with quick transfer for in‐store purchases. Moreover,the activity section has also been redesigned. It now holds the activity list for as much as three years.

The feature which allowed the user to send or receive money via PayPal has also been revamped. It now allows a smoother addition of contacts and or looking up of contacts in the list. One can now simply choose the desired contact, or add the contact to their list, enter the required amount and simply send it. Same goes for requesting money. The person who is sending the money can now achieve it by simply clicking on a single send button.

Moreover, the internal coding of the app has also been upgraded to identify 3D Touch system. Now, one can easily perform various tasks by simply applying a light or a heavy touch on their screen. Here are some of the salient features of the new PayPal app, version 6.0.0:

∙ Completely new design of the whole system.

∙ Revamped start screen allowing easy access to almost all sectors of the app.

∙ Ability to create personalized pages for the various people in the contact list with who

exchange of money takes place.

∙ Easy access to others for paying for the user.

∙ A better account history system, allowing the user to see up to 3 years of transaction


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