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How can Apple Connect Be Made Better

In the history of Apple technology and advances in the social world, there is just one thing which has always been a slight drawback, a social networking media. In 2010, Apple planned and launched a tool for social networking known as the Ping. Eventually, it didn’t work and Apple had to close it down within a couple of years. This year, Apple has announced that they will not only release a music streaming service, but has also already launched Connect, a type of social media tool which is basically based on music. As a whole, Connect is quite different than the traditional social media networks like Facebook or Twitter.

How can Apple Connect Be Made Better

Since the initial launch of Connect, Apple has been able to gather quite a few listeners, but the numbers are not that impressive. Here are some of the features Apple can add on or improve in order to get more listeners than they have at the moment.

∙ Live Streaming

This may be one of the most obvious additions that may help them but still they have paid no heed to it. Unlike iTunes. Connect does not have any kind of live streaming. Introducing live streaming will really give the listeners more reason to regularly use Connect. Moreover, since introduction of live streaming had such an impact on the audiences for iTunes, then why not uses it on Connect and see how it works out!!

∙ Notifications

This is another huge step which helps bring in more audiences. For any social networking tool to work, regular notifications are quite important. For example, let’s consider a situation where a certain user of Connect is a huge fan of Green Day and so has liked the page. Thus, whenever Green Day is posting any new song, picture or video on their page, the user would always like to see it. Unless notifications are send, this particular thing will not be possible. Thus, starting of notifications will also increase the user list of Connect.

∙ Improvement of the User interface

Though stylish and elegant, the main user interface of Apple Connect is quite cumbersome and unsorted. Seriously speaking, no one will be willing to put up with any tool they have problems understanding, or have problems looking through. It seems that Apple have actually not given the user interface of Connect any serious thought. The only way it appears on the iPhone screen is according to date. Moreover, there are no ways of sorting the posts according to type or filtering it according to content. This is a serious let down and should be fixed immediately.

∙ Unique content

This point is really associated with the very first point given in the list. Unless unique live streaming can be done, no one will exclusively use Connect for any reason. Moreover, at present, the posts given on Connect by artists are same as that they give in Facebook or Twitter. The others being more familiar and reputed pull in all the potential users and Connect gets the least audience. Thus, it is important to get some unique content for Connect. These are some of the basic changes which will definitely improve the number of listeners Connect presently has.

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