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Apple’s 3D Touch Uses

The release of the iPhone­6S and the 6S­Plus showed an another scope of gestures that can be made on iPhone,it presented the “3D Touch”. “3D Touch” adds a pressure gesture control to the conventional multi­touch controls on all the iOS gadgets to strengthen the gestures list.

Since the “3D Touch” is the newest element to the iPhone gesture list, adapting to it can be a hard thing. It has a lot of scope to it but the various things that the 3D Touch does remains largely missing to all the users of the iOS devices that have 3D Touch. Here we’ve gathered together a video list of the neatest “3D Touch” functions, including the “Peek motion to view all Safari tabs”, a helpful Quick Actions, and the cursor control.

The “3D Touch” feature is still restricted to only the iPhone­6s and the iPhone­6s­Plus at present. However there have been rumors that claim that Apple is wanting to upgrade it to other devices soon. However introducing it to the bigger screens will have many problems, and those problems will need adequate testing so that they dont show up in iPads and the future iPhones.

In a Twitter survey taken in December, over 40 percent of the 8,100 participants said that they do not use the “3D Touch” feature, while 25 percent said that they utilize the feature very less, but they do use it.

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