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Apple Released The New OS X For The Mac

Apple has released a new OS­X, the OS­X­10.11.3 for the general public, this marks the release of a 3rd upgrade to the OS­X, the El Capitan OS. It was released for the first time on 30th September. This new update has been in the testing process since December and it follows the launch of the OS X 10.11.2 which happened last month.

Apple Released The New OS X For The Mac

This update to the OS­X is available on the Mac App Store as a free downloadable update, like any other Software Update option. This update is available for all OS­X El­Capitan users. After the beta­testing not many design related changes were introduced but this update did improve in performance areas specially improving the compatibility, stability and security aspects of the Mac.

The new OS­X 10.11.3 will have a further upgrade in the form of OS­X 10.11.4, it is already in the testing phase and has been given to developers worldwide. Just like this new OS­X 10.11.3, the OS­X­10.11.4 may be focused on providing fixes for bugs and improved performance metric much rather than updating with new features and systems.

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