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What Is New In The New Upgrade ­ iOS 9.3?

Apple announced the latest version of the new iOS as the iOS 9.3, the update to the iOS 9 operating system on its own website. The new version is slated to have many extra features in it, that will be an upgrade from the present iOS version, the iOS 9. The new features are being termed as the game changing features for the iOS operating system. One such feature is the inclusion of the ‘Night Shift Mode’ that shall adjust colors of the screen on the basis of the time of the day, at the location of the iOS device, and creating more warmer colors at the time of evening and night to stop the health issue of the blue light causing disturbance in the natural circadian rhythms and the sleeping cycle of people resulting in difficulty in sleeping at night.

What Is New In The New Upgrade ­ iOS 9.3?

This update to the iOS also brings up a password protection, that too with Touch ID support for the passwords, like to the “Notes” application, which allows one to keep and maintain private and personal notes. Notes is an application that is used by many to store important documents and texts like passwords and credit card information that if lost can be used to sinister purposes, also if stolen. This inclusion of the password and the Touch ID makes protection more secure, and let those users store personal and private data which includes financial details along with website login details, that too without much worry.

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