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Apple In Talks To Sign Deal With Samsung

It has been rumored that Samsung Display may be in talks to sign a deal with Apple to provide flexible OLED screens for future iPhone versions that may employ flexible OLEDs rather than the normal OLEDs. The deal is said to be close to completion, in which Samsung will invest an amount in excess of $7 billion for all aspects related to OLED displays. The company will cover all aspects like manufacturing, production facilities and research. The Samsung display division is keen on increasing the overall production from 30,000 to 45,000 monthly.

Apple In Talks To Sign Deal With Samsung

The subparts will come from Korean companies like AP Systems and HB Technology.It has been reported that the iPhones with the flexible OLED screens will make their debut in 2018. Apple is allegedly working at present on a Taiwanese factory to produce the thin displays that are being used in the iPhones and other devices. This new lab may be particularly concentrated on development and production of the flexible OLED screens as well as the much rumored Micro­LED screens. These screens are the displays that will be used in future iPhones. Hence Apple is adamant on getting this deal signed by Samsung.

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