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Withings Go is the Kindle Paperwhite of fitness trackers

Like Amazon, Withings has gone to the bare essentials with their latest product. Released at the CES 2016 , the Withings Go is a basic exercise and fitness tracker. It has an e-ink display that does almost everything that a smart fitness product should do, but nothing more.

The product ‘Go’ is the French Fitness company’s cheapest activity tracking device. It only costs $70, while the next in line costs $150. It is quite an affordable product, as well as versatile.  The ‘Go’ can be worn as a wearable band or can be fit as a clip to a belt or some keychain. The round device can be kept in a pocket as well.

Keeping it in the pocket may be a bad idea though as one will miss the important information that the ‘Go’ displays on its e-ink screen, like the daily goal limit, activity time etc. It can be worn for swimming as well, and it recognizes what activity is being done without any manual changes to be done to notify it.

The product works with both iOS and Android, via the Withings app named “Health Mate”.It may not be as versatile or core activity tracker as Withings’ other products, but it can be a cheaper alternative for not so hardcore fitness buffs.

The product will be available in the first quarter of 2016.

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