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Is the iMessage’s Emojification for the iOS 10 Innovative Enough or Not

It seems to be that in the iMessage, the mess has been put by Apple. At the WWDC last week, it was unveiled by Apple about the iMessage platform undergoing some new changes which is said to be drastic. This also includes the iOS10’s Messages app. The native messaging services of Apple is no longer that simple one that we all knew about, however now it relies on various kinds of visual effects, animations, apps and emojis so that the point could be sent across.

Is the iMessages Emojification for the iOS 10 Innovative Enough or Not

However let us not confuse innovation and modification. The iPhone Show this week had an episode; it was explored as to how come the mark was missed by Apple in their efforts of cloning WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat in the form of the iMessage. While in the form of an invisible ink, the one thing that you would not be able to do is to send some cash to your friends with the use of the Apple Pay services. There is also a video which gives you an explanation of a lot of things which highlights what does not make sense.

Well the million dollar question here is do you think that Apple has the capability to compete against Facebook and Snapchat by giving users a communication form which is really cute. Or would you avoid it as though it is a black Plague?

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