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CarPlay of Apple Will Soon Be Compatible With BMW Cars

There have been reports that have recently propped up which contains detail between BMW and Apple pertaining to the Apple’s electric car projects behind the scene information. Being one of the major holdouts that has brought the present in dash platform of Apple’s CarPlay will not be seen in BMW’s vehicles. It is believed that later on the year the least two models is said to undergo a change as they will be Car Play supportive.

CarPlay of Apple Will Soon Be Compatible With BMW Cars

BMW x5 M and BMW X6M price list confirms the support that the two models have for CarPlay. It is believed that effective August 1st; these prices are going to be in effect along with the fact that this year’s second half will start having vehicles that will be supportive of Car Play. This means that the feature would be supported by the vehicles the very second they are taken out of the gate or with the help of the software update; it will land into the other vehicles.

Along with the CarPlay, these models will also come with other features like the 10.25″ LCD Touch screen which is presently included in the 7 series BMW models. The BMW price list also talks about wireless capabilities. This is something that other manufacturers have also been talking about. At present a wired connection is needed for CarPlay in most vehicles to get connected to the iPhone. However since the release of iOS 9, the protocol supports the wireless connectivity. As per the information that can be seen, it is said that if a person want to use their iPhone in a convenient and wireless manner, then they can do it through the iPhone.

There have also been various reports making different kinds of claims last year about the negotiations going on between Apple with BMW and even Daimler and other companies pertaining to their secretive project on the electric vehicle.

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