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Aukley EP‐20 Bluetooth Device Review

Are you trying to find an inexpensive Bluetooth headset for your device which exactly fits in your budget? Well your wait is over now, presenting the new Aukey EP‐b20 Bluetooth device for your devices. It supports the neck band design, sports ear buds too. The material of the neckband is of soft rubber material. It includes three pairs of interchangeable ear buds. The sound quality of the Bluetooth is just fine. You won’t notice much of bass in the Bluetooth headset. The headset has over six inches of the wires attached with it. The shell of the Bluetooth is made of brittle plastic which makes it a bad choice.

Aukley EP‐20 Bluetooth Device Review

There are some sacrifices which need to be made while buying it. It is certainly not one of the best Bluetooth devices at this price however for someone who is looking for a mere device with fair usage, you may claim your ownership and buy it straight away. Aukley carries a 120Mah battery which is enough to keep it alive for 120 hours straight with heavy usage and 300 hours of standby talk time. The company claims an unforgettable experience for the device however that is not true. The sound quality is not up to the mark for the device. Someone who is looking for a great device should certainly not vouch for it ant any cost. At less than $30 price, the device could be a fair choice. If you are a runner, the sleek design and comfortable ear buds can be a good fit in. They are cool and the design aesthetics is very attractive. Over all it could be termed as a budget device which is good with its purpose but again not great it its segment. The company needs to focus more on bringing the sound quality on a better scale for the consumers.

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