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Apple’s Recycle Program Recovers Gold Worth 28 Million Pound

Apple has a ton of way of scraping money from the market. They have been making money from the sales of their devices and now the recycle program. In the statement issued by the company they have reportedly made a good amount of money from the recycling of the old devices. If the estimate is to be believed then a total of more than $40 million or 28 million pounds of gold is said to have recovered. Each and every apple device consists of 0.30 ounce of gold. Apple has said to have scrapped it from all the old devices which have been submitted with them. In an exchange program Apple offers good amount of discount on the submission of the old Apple devices. These old devices are directly dismantled and the precious metals are recovered from the scrap materials.

Apple’s Recycle Program Recovers Gold Worth 28 Million Pound

It helps them in cutting down on the costs of materials to be used for the production of the goods. Apple is a company which supports energy conservation. They believe in green energy and minimal wastage of the resources. Apple has been able to save a lot of the money by such campaigns. There were many precious and semi‐precious materials recovered from the recent recycle program run by Apple. The company is planning such programs and initiative on yearly basis. Apple has been associated with number of organizations which are supporting causes on conserving energy. They also have been planning to set up their 100 percent renewable energy plants across the world. Apple being an international level company understands their responsibility and is trying to bring or get associated with various conservation programs which can help them in adding more glory. Apple is pushing their technology and manufacturing partners too to completely move to a clean energy way of production for lessening down the waste.

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