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The Privacy Issue: Tech Giants Are Finally United

FBI never expected their actions will lead to this. They challenged Apple, but all other IT companies stood by Apple. Privacy is important and every firm knows its applications. Users are ultimately getting benefitted from this and this new age of connected technology is totally different. Companies are not just making profits; they are supporting some principles and making the world much better. Information storage is particularly popular in America and CIA is never happy with the information it receives. They are adopting drastic methods to force big corporations and this activity is very strange. Snowden led this battle and tweeted about freedom, but once information goes out, true freedom can never be achieved.

The Privacy Issue: Tech Giants Are Finally United

Messages, call logs, pictures and secret codes, their bank is huge. Microsoft previously supported FBI and always supplied them information, but now they have filed a lawsuit. If every company opposes this information transfer, the government will definitely think differently. People choose our government and if people suffer at the end of the day; that is injustice. Apple was brave enough to risk everything and luckily they got support. Microsoft’s privacy policy was never pro‐people and Bill Gate’s firm handled security in their own way. Apple did something even better; they updated their hardware and the software too. People began to believe in them and product sales increased.

When Facebook talks about issues related to privacy, it’s hard for people to believe. The website connects user if they compromise privacy. Facebook used WhatsApp to answer the government and Jan Koum was very happy to “protect users.” Encryption is a very tiny piece oft he puzzle and crossing this barrier is very easy. Security is a concept and properly implementing it takes time and serious efforts. Publicity stunts will never prove anything, though it can confuse people for the time being. Every component of a software system must be secured and the design should reflect that.

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