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New Saving Options Introduced On iMessage App

In the case of messaging apps, saving the messages is quite important. One can go back to the conversations they need to check out any time they want. At times, these messages might contain very important information such as bank account numbers or messages from banks showing recent deductions, or simply important phone numbers sent by people. On the other hand, is it really necessary to save all the messages one receives on their iMessage app? No.

New Saving Options Introduced On iMessage App

some also receive simple conversation messages in which no important conversation is taking place. In that case, a lot of space gets taken up for memory storage, without providing any apparent use. In many cases, one may want to get rid of message threads on their app, but want to keep some selected messages with them. The new Apple OS X iMessage app allows the users to do just that. Using the facility, the users can erase off most of the messages and keep just the important few.

Moreover, the method of getting rid of unwanted messages is quite simple. One simply has to open the iMessage app and click on either the green or the blue bubble which shows the message. On clicking, the message will be selected. As a sign of selection, the color of the bubble fades a tiny bit and indicates that it is selected. In case the user wants to get rid of a series of messages, he simply has to press the Command key and keep on selecting the messages on iMessage app which he wants to delete. Next, one has to make a right click on any of the selected bubbles. This will make a drop down pop‐u [screen appear from which one can delete all messages using the delete option.

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