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Apple vs. Samsung Quick Links Case – Massive Blow to Apple

At the moment, there is no end to Apple’s problems; it just keeps on coming one after the other. Apple has been involved in a legal battle with Samsung for a long time now and the later had to pay a whooping $120 million for infringing patents. To Samsung, it was huge and they were completely shaken up, but they kept on fighting. In the Appeals court, this ruling was overturned. It remains to be seen, how Apple reacts to this and what will be there next move. Apple accused Samsung of infringing many patents, but this one was regarding “quick links”. Samsung already lost large amounts of money fighting with Apple and in the future too; this is expected to go on.

Apple vs. Samsung Quick Links Case – Massive Blow to Apple

The court rejected all accusations against Samsung and much to their relief, infringement accusations regarding two more patents were also termed as invalid. Apple claimed that Samsung copied the phone unlock mechanism from iPhone and not only that the auto‐correct function was also stolen. This is a serious issue, as both these tech giants have enormous global presence and patent infringements can lead to heft losses. It was not a good day for Apple, as they were held responsible for infringing Samsung’s patents. The tables have turned and the legal battle is getting nasty. Last month, Samsung faced sales ban on some infringing devices and the revenues went down significantly.

So how is Samsung feeling about this victory? Needless to say, they are extremely happy and they vowed to give better service to the people. A spokeswoman explained how it was a victory for their consumers and the marketplace has finally won. This decision is no doubt a game‐ changer and it puts Samsung back in the race. The marketplace is where the competition should happen and not in a courtroom, it is proved by this judgement.

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