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Dangerous Move! Apple Targets Verizon, Users Annoyed

As technology spreads its wings, nothing is more precious than connectivity. Apple basically controls everyone from mobile carriers to end users. One small tweak can hamper connectivity, Apple is turning the screws here; their behavior has become dangerous. Many users have shifted to LTE, they want faster connection. Apple showed their dominance by controlling the LTE speed of Verizon customers. AT&T is very happy with, now both carriers are on the same level. Verizon can’t say anything about this; it is completely Apple’s wish. Cellular Insights got inside this matter and studied the matter closely.

Dangerous Move! Apple Targets Verizon, Users Annoyed

Data transfer is much faster in AT&T, Verizon was far behind. Apple had to intervene, annoyed customers were complaining about this. The difference is in the hardware, Qualcomm is very fast. Verizon can only blame Intel’s modem for this; the trick was done by them. This tampering of speed may not be right, but Apple has very little to do here. Verizon’s connection can revolutionize the speed; Apple will stop that data flow. Users are the real loser here; they are caught in a really stupid battle. Galaxy S7 blew iPhone 7 away and downloading time was rapid. It never depended on the network, it happened normally.

Intel’s low capacity is really terrible, they stop at 450Mb/s, Qualcomm goes up endlessly; AT&T gave the contract to the right company. Big differences are not occurring now, everything is marginal. The hobbling done by Apple is needless, they have forgotten about a very important component. Verizon has tremendous network capabilities; it is high time Apple uses that. The controversial speed level can be challenged by consumers, they are silent for now. The answer lies in the phone’s network chip, which remains unused. The doubts have entered almost everyone’s mind, Apple must answer now. But Apple continued to push iPhone and promote the “great” features.

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