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Free Episodes will not Be Aired by Hulu as Company Plans to Move to a Model that is Subscription Based

It has been officially announced that the free services which was offered by Hulu will be shut down and the company now plans to offer their TV episode services to a subscription based one. The prices which are presently being offered will not affect the present subscribers and will continue to be in the same price plan range of $7.99 and $11.99, however, the move will be on the free content which will now be available on Yahoo View.

Free Episodes will not Be Aired by Hulu as Company Plans to Move to a Model that is  Subscription Based

Ben Smith, the head of experience and Senior VP stated that the company has been focusing on building their services on subscription basis for quite some time now. This is being done so that they can go ahead and provide viewers with personalized and deepest content and a better experience for their viewers. They also have plans to go ahead and offer more movies, exclusive acquisitions and new originals. Considering the content strategy and Hulu experience, the alignment of the free services did not match well.

Presently, the only way the service is available is through the web, however the company has plans to come up with the iOS apps and Android apps. The one that was not revealed was about the windows version.

The company had decided to partner up with Yahoo so that they could provide a better platform for airing their shows. The content that you can presently get is various clips and shows which are mainly from Fox, NBC and ABC. Even the head of media and VP of Yahoo Phil  Lynch released his side of the statement pertaining to the partnership between Hulu and Yahoo. He stated that as a part of the company’s strategy, Video plays a vital part and Yahoo aims in delivering the best to their users. By getting into a partnership with Hulu, this will be something that can be achieved easily.

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