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Better Workplace! Apple Losing Employees, Cook Tensed

The tech industry has presented many options, the right employees never have to wait. The industry is expanding very fast, there are jobs for everyone. Employees are focusing on their niche area and getting hired. Apple was a good place to grow one’s career, but this may not be true. There are several other companies, with better prospects. The automobile division received a major blow after Apple abandoned the project. The workers were totally shocked; they were really ambitious about that. Cook visualized a car, but the technology was not enough. They will just manufacture the software now, employees feel cheated.

Better Workplace! Apple Losing Employees, Cook Tensed

The workers don’t have to worry though; other firms are waiting to grab these fresh minds. Their project is still strong and plenty of innovation is needed. Cook recently mentioned that they will use the iPhone for various purposes, creating an automobile is not their top priority.

This can be good for the company, but the workers had dreams. If the rivals make progress, Apple will never catch up with that. The company’s talented PR team is facing big problems now, the key members have left. The corporate communications department is having a hard time to adjust with this; the positions will be filled soon.

Tesla is attracting everyone; this company has become a big force now. Their plan is plain and simple, Musk wants total domination. Elon’s car project is overcoming the hurdles steadily; they will create a breakthrough soon. Sarah is a PR specialist; she revolutionized Apple’s PR policy.

From Middle East to Africa, she helped Apple Music touch different continents. In 2012, she was given a specialized responsibility, she managed iPhone relations. She did well here as well, Tesla kept track of everything. Colin Smith entered the world of Ford; he will love the new atmosphere. From handling business development to managing communications, Smith will do everything.

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