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Latest News About iPhone 7 from Deutsche Bank

A Deutsche Bank investigate note regarding store network sources, claim that Apple will offer the iPhone 7 with a Lightning-to-sound dongle, as opposed to giving Lightning earphones. The same has been reported by Business Insider.

Latest News About iPhone 7 from Deutsche Bank

It likewise proposes that a 3GB RAM will be present in the iPhone 7 Plus. The greater part of the note speaks about other predictions that we have heard before also. It confirms that iPhone 7 Plus will be almost similar in design to the 6s. It will also feature dual cameras that are improved than the previous models. Stereo and better sound, home button with better touch response and better waterproofing are some other features. Reasons for suspecting the note

Proper information about the plans of Apple is not always offered by supply-chain sources. The same has been observed by Tim Cook and this time also there are several reasons as to why, this report needs to be treated with suspicion.

To start with, Deutsche Bank says that the new iPhone will be accessible in a new hue, yet doesn’t state what it is. At present no other sources are there who can confirm what the new color is.

Second, the decision to include a Lightning-to-3.5mm dongle appears to be an odd one. This is because; majority of people worldwide isn’t yet prepared to surrender its simple earphones. Furthermore, to continue functioning with the existing earphones, a Digital to Analog Converter or DAC must be present with the dongle. Unless Apple can make these essential changes, it would become a problematic adapter.


The note further claims that Apple is going to expect ‘lesser request’ for the iPhone 7, and will restrict generation subsequently. In any case, Deutsche Bank doesn’t really think this will mean one more year-on-year decrease in the sale of iPhone. It says that it trusts Apple is just adopting a conservative strategy to producing products.

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