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Online Leaks Showcases Smart Connectors for Apple iPhones

The market is on the ride. Apple iPhone is about to get launched and a lot of people are getting desperate to buy their own handsets. Last year Apple’s iPhone 6 series was a pure disaster. It was not appreciated at all in the market. A lot of people criticized the handsets. Keeping the feedback in mind, Apple has reworked on their product this time and claims iPhone 7 to be their best prodigy. A lot of rumors have already surfaced the market till now. If the leaked sources are to be believed, iPhone 7 shows much similarity in design with the iPhone 6. Though the iPhone 7 is much slimmer comparatively however the design aesthetics is comparably same.

Online Leaks Showcases Smart Connectors for Apple iPhones

By now, it is pretty much clear that Apple iPhone 7 is not going to have the 3.5mm jack within it. Reason being, the company claims these audio jacks to be obsolete. Rather the company has replaced them with smart connectors. It will be a dual connector for the charger as well as the wired earpiece. The leaked images also show that, the Home button of the iconic phone has been reworked upon. It seems to be different than before. The mute button on the side of the handsets has also been removed. This is the first time when Apple has chopped off the mute button completely. The new home button is expected to be touching sensitive. It shall not be pressed however will be detecting the pressure of the touch on the home keys.

Apple also claims that their iPhone 7 will be waterproof and dustproof additionally. A lot of work has been done on the camera component as well. It is expected to be carrying telescopic lenses for clearer and wider pictures. Apple claims their camera quality to be as good as a professional DSLR camera.

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