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More about Apple Watch: Creative Changes That Powered a Revolutionary Device

Apple is repeatedly using a specific word to describe certain products. They have come out of their shell and showed extreme courage. Other companies don’t have to think about their legacy, but Apple faces criticism for basically every move. They courageously removed the headphone jack and unveiled a brand new device which had its own problems.

More about Apple Watch: Creative Changes That Powered a Revolutionary Device

The interface of the ‘Watch’ was different in 2015, they learnt from their mistake. The revamp is fresh and creative, watchOS 3 will fascinate users. They have jumped to maturity, faults were removed. The previous UI was sluggish, people kept it in their drawers.

The buttons made no sense; the app loading time was huge. One specific button was given to browse contacts, it had no practical use. What’s so special about watchOS 3? Apple got back their common sense and they realized which things should stay. This revolutionary wearable device was rejected previously, Apple investigated their failure. The updates happen in the background, it never interferes with the main interface. Key information was refreshed; there were some big talking points. The applications are now launching instantly, users are not annoyed any more. “Glances” never really clicked, the interface is unified now. Applications and ‘glances’ have been merged, the space is used cleverly.

The button at the side has become important; it resembles a multi-tasking tray. The “favorites” contact feature is also gone, people rarely used it. The dock is developed; apps can be installed any time. In small devices, buttons can’t be wasted; Apple has made some smart moves. The four most important things are glancing, notifications, messaging and Apple Pay. Notifications are illuminated brightly, sliding is smooth and easy. The messaging app is also advanced; it detects languages and offers suggestions. Interfaces should be simple yet engaging; WatchOS 3 is a right step at that direction. User preferences should be the center of updates, Apple didn’t forget that.


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