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Facebook Revises Live Steam Policies for Users

According to the latest policies disclosed by Facebook, The Company shall allow the live streaming of certain violent graphics under certain special circumstances. The statement from the company has been released on Friday. There will be only certain special cases where Facebook will such activities, For example: if a person has witnessed any heinous crime such as shooting then Facebook shall allow him to raise an alarm for the shooter.

Facebook Revises Live Steam Policies for Users

On the same end Facebook will also not allow such uploaded videos for mocking, nabbing the victims or celebrating the act under any faith. Facebook Live stream is the latest format of the company.It is under the baby boomer phase and is expected to be rapidly growing in the coming years. Currently Facebook is working upon the development of the user experience. They are optimizing the products for providing a higher end user experience to the users.

Social media has played a very important role for the people in very special cases. Recently couple of African American blacks was killed by the police officers. In an unfortunate incident, 11 shots were fired on policemen by a gunman who killed 5 of them in city of Dallas on the night of the Thursday. Philando Castile, who was killed on the traffic stop was immediately filmed and streamed by his girlfriend. Such live streamed videos has worked immediately and also alarmed a lot of the people about the situation.

Facebook is a social vanguard which has nearly connected the whole world now. They have to be very careful with their policies. The live stream feature is still isn’t mature yet. The experts at Facebook are working on to make it work like charm. It has also been used by a number of the companies by now for n number of the online events.

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