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Facebook’s New Focus is to Now Being Brought Back to the Posts Made by Friends

The newsfeed of Facebook is being updated again with the focus that goes back to those who are in your friends list. More posts will be seen by users by those who are in their list instead of their wall being flooded by videos and articles from the various media publishers.

Facebooks New Focus is to Now Being Brought Back to the Posts Made by Friends

Earlier all that could be seen was the updates that our friends used to post, this was before it was realized by the company that with the help of sponsored content, there was a lot of money that the company could make. This is something that is now become a very common thing instead of seeing our friends posts.

In an official statement, Facebook stated that one of the major worries of people is that the updates that their friends are making are being missed. In regards to the news feed, the company has plans to make some big changes in the coming weeks.

In a person’s news feed, the updates that their fiends make will appear higher than the news feed they that are presently seen. This means that before any sponsored content, promotional videos or news stories, you will get to see the updates that your friends make.

Another thing that was admitted by the company on this front was the fact that Pages will have a major impact due to these changes. However, it was also added by the company that the impact will be on the basis of audience composition. This means that there will be a lot of traffic that will be seen by these pages for the posts that will go viral however that will not hit them as much. The focus of the posts or updates made by friends will surely be something that would be welcomed by those who are having been concerned in this front.

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