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Apple Backs of from Trump’s Presidential Campaign Support

We can officially say that the culture war and the platform war are now on and in full swing. Apple had recently given information on the fact that they have plans to back out from the GOP convention that supports Donald Trump. Considering the fact that off late there have been various things that Trump has said against Apple, it is yet to be figured out as to which statement of his was actually the one that was the last straw.

Apple Backs of from Trumps Presidential Campaign Support

The entire Silicon Valley is a little irritated with the stance that he makes that is anti‐migration although a social liberal stance has been taken by him to a few of the other Republican candidates. However his vocal followers who are white nationalist tend to nervous the social liberals.

The company has been hammered by various remarks and statements that have been by him. This includes even talking about boycotting Apple by telling his followers about it, he also went ahead and spoke about the fact their products have been made in China. Until now, a lot of efforts have been put in by tech companies so that they can be neutral actors towards the riven polity that is deep, trying to ensure that they bake into the strategies of both the parties.

However there are times when a stance is taken by tech leaders, marriage equality was celebrated by Time Cook, while one of Trump’s delegate is Peter Thiel the investor. Even Carly Fiorina The former CEO of HP has also tried running for president.

Through the products that are brought, a political stance is being taken which is something that is unavoidable, this is part of the strategies of the company Well maybe the fact is that at times the decisions you take may be a mishmash which is incoherent, however that is OK as there are times when people do not make clear sense and are also selfish and complicated.

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