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Reasons Why Customers are not Retaining with Apple TV

News has it that off late, the Apple TV has been facing some really tough times to in retaining their customers. It is believed that the developers of the tvOS may be running away due to the retention rates of the audience is said to be very low. This information was seen in one of the reports that were recently out.

Reasons Why Customers are not Retaining with Apple TV

There also suggestion that the users of Apple TV may be disinterested in general. A mobile app analytics company has given a report which says that as per what they found out, that after a week after the tvOS had been installed, around 8.9% of the users have actually come back. If you look at the numbers, this is not even half of what is seen on the tablets which is around 20% or on smartphone’s that is around 18.5%.

Over time, it is believed that things are getting a lot worse, as per what has been seen, it is believed that the app developers, after around 30 days manage to retain around 4.1% of years that have been acquired. For developers, this could be really big implications as it gives them a chance to earn various kinds of profits from advertising and purchases made inside the app.

The study may not be perfect; however this was just on the basis on a small set of users. It was seen that out of the 299,925users, the number of active users that was seen on Apple TV was around 2%. The sampling of the apps was made based on the app that fell in the list of the top three apps as well as the performance they had to retain their users. For Apple, the tvOS App Store is still an infancy stage, which means that the company would really have to find ways to pull Apple TV out of the current situation.

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