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Suggestions How To Improve Apple Music?

Apple’s anniversary for its music services is about to come soon. What could possibly be done to give it a better look and comfort for the user? Apple has seen a lot of drop down in their music services and probably this is why they have thought about shutting down their services completely in next 3‐4 years. Apple music has grown their users base to 13 million recently which was 11 million earlier however the number of people buying paid subscriptions has gone down. There are lesser number of people left who are buying the paid services of the Apple.

Suggestions How To Improve Apple Music?

There are certain changes which need to be immediately looked at for making it a better product feature wise:

Separate Streaming From iTunes : One of the feature included in Apple was merging the music available on device with iTunes in cloud. Acceding to any Apple user this is one of the most problematic views of the product. According to the users, the sync feature has nearly ruined the music library of the users. The streaming library of the music should be different from the physical library of the user and both of them should not collide with each other.

Improve Feature For you: The algorithm feature of the Apple is completely crap as most of the times it only suggests the albums which is already there with the user.

Collaborative Playlists: This is one of the coolest features of the Apple which needs some improvement. According to Apple, the user can share his/her playlists with other use however they cannot add anything. They should be adding something from their end too making it more realistic for the user.

Making Better Matches: Apple music makes tag matches with Apple music. Users are literally frustrated with having their live version of the music replaces with studio tracks. Apple seriously needs an improvement here too.

iOS Music Apple: There are too many menu items with too many available menu items. It confuses most of the users. It should be rather made simple and easy.

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