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IOS 10 Wish List Includes Dark Mode, Siri API, Customizable Control Center And A Lot More

Mac Stories Federico Vittici and Sam Beckett have teamed up together to create a concept video for iOS 10. It is said that one of the features that the next version may have is the wish list. Presently, there are various feature packed and fanciful most concept videos that may not make it into the iOS however, the vision that has been seen by Vittici is said to be well though and logical.

The major features that would be included in the Control Center which is customizable would have icons which can be rearranged accordingly. It also includes the integration of third party apps which also includes the Siri API as well as the dark mode.

Smaller tweaks include Messages with rich previews with emojis that can be searched. For the iCloud Drive you also get the document picker and even the ability for multitasking with the help of the Split View feature which can be really helpful for those who are using the iPad.

The release of the iOS 10 is not expected until the Fall of this year along with some of the latest iPhones. We can expect the first look of the same in a matter of two months when the update of the operating system will be debuted by the company during the Worldwide Developers Conference that takes place annually. As of right now, there are not many details that are available; however as the time near towards the official announcement, we can expect some more information coming out.

There are also various discussions that are going on between various forum members in regards to the kind of features the iOS 10 should have. It seems that the wish list thread which highlights all the desires and wants seems to be really long as it consists of additions like user profiles, for iPads a revamped user interface, various kinds of widgets for lock screens and a lot more.

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