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Fruity Maps Is the Perfect Prototype of Apple’s Upcoming API Map Kit

Apple is said to officially opening the Apple map kit for the people. Tim Brodiin has opened the concept on showing the future to the people, how it may look like in the future to people. The latest apps developed by Tim known to be Fruity Apps looks like the basic version of the Apple apps. While some of the features may be missing however it is completely available to be used and taking the feel of Apple maps on desktop. The expected features like pinning the location, location searching is available under the map. The map developed by the team of Tim is said to be using Google maps as their back end for showcasing their work. The maps developed by Tim is logically correct and semantic and well written at the same time. It is sensed as the perfect prototype of the yet to be announced API of the Apple.

Fruity Maps Is the Perfect Prototype of Apple’s Upcoming API Map Kit

The map can used to be testing the expected features in Apple. A lot of work needs to be done to make it perfect however fruity maps has been able to solve most of the purpose a user may intend to see. Tim said that he and his team is working upon the map dedicatedly and soon they will be able to deliver something neat very soon. They are yet to be launching the pro version of the app with all the functionalities available. As of now it is only limited with certain features which will be extended and stretched to a higher bandwidth for the user. They have said that the new updates of the map will be available soon and the people should keep an eye on them for checking upon their latest updates on their fruity maps. We are hopeful about a clean update from their team, let’s see what they have to deliver this time.

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