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Me Police Of London Abandon iPad Issuance Plan After Trial Ends Up Costing $13k Each iPad

The Metropolitan Police of London had initially planned of issues 15‐20000 iPad minis to the frontline offers. They also went ahead and took 641 devices on a trial basis for which they paid $8.58 million however now they have abandoned the plans. Due to the trial, the taxpayers ended up paying around $13,397 for each iPad.

Me Police Of London Abandon iPad Issuance Plan After Trial Ends Up Costing $13k Each iPad

With the help of the Freedom of Information, The Inquirer manage to obtain a report which stated that during the trial phase, on the hardware, £1.2m by the MET, this included the accessories, supporting servers as well as iPads, for the customized software development and database another £4.1m was spent which indeed £600,000 on management and business activities as well as for the licenses another £100,000 had been spent. It also included the 12 tablets that had been replaced while the trial period was going on.

A month back, Adrian Hutchinson was leading the mobile technology of the Met Police wherein he was singing praises for them. He stated that officers were modern machines for crime fighting however the officers still had to make statements that were handwritten; this was typed when they used to go back to their office.

The iPads made it easy for them as the statements could be taken electronically as well as people could go ahead and sign with the help of the fingerprint. This would also help to upload the statements instantly into the system without any time being wasted.

A lot of time was spent by Emergency response officers as they ended up doing the routine admin work. That was not the right way of things had to go, however with the tablet, the officers could do the work while they were sitting in the car itself. This also helped to know which area was the hot spot of the crime.

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