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Poor Specs: iPad Pro’s Features Will Surely Not Impress You

The things were planned long ago, the right specs, solid promotion and amazing performance, but iPad Pro still seems pretty average. Well iFixit analyzes many products and they give amazing details about Apple products. So after tearing down this tablet, many interesting facts were revealed. This assembled product tries to combine the best attributes of three different companies. From Samsung to NXP Semiconductors, Apple didn’t go for any notable changes here. Surely, the battery is terrific, but it can still seem less. The repairability is only 2 and it is not a good sign. People prefer tablets with high repairability but this one is almost identical to “iPad Air 2”.

Poor Specs: iPad Pro’s Features Will Surely Not Impress You

In severe cases, fixing it is hard, but the real problem lies in removing the battery. Without pull tabs, the device scores poorly in this department and strong adhesives help in soldering. Apple concentrated mainly on the durability, but clearly it’s totally pointless. The smaller battery of 7,306 mAh shows no difference in performance but the 7,340 mAh battery was a bit better.

Multimedia processes consume battery juice and bigger batteries are always useful. Professor efficiency gets affected due to this and after long usage; the tab can heat up sometimes. With a 64‐bit chip powering it, every module functions properly and the Accelerometer is superb.

The 4GB RAM is satisfactory and Apple maintains their premium quality here. The storage space is not an issue as upgrades are already available. SK Hynix and Toshiba are the two companies which handle this aspect. With superb Touch ID, the iPhone experience is present here too.

Apple introduces Smart Connectors here, a new addition which has a lot of promise. The best point is that with no moving parts, the accessories are almost irreplaceable. Large speakers are put inside the Pro, with exceptional sound quality. More hardware can’t be packed as light sensors take up the most space.

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