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Notable Difference Between The iOS 9 And Android N

For the iPads, last year Apple had released a new version of iOS9 in order to bring a new life for their tablets. With years of efforts behind the development of the feature for multitasking, Apple now has finally managed to ship apps side by side with the help of an interface which is very close to Windows. Recently Google with the help of Android N had brought the power of multitasking into the devices and even has a similar implementation.

Notable Difference Between The iOS 9 And Android N

If you take a look at the centre portion of the slider, the test was done on a Nexus 9 tablet where the use of the Android N had been seen to se of the slider had worked on the same level of the iOS9 with the hardware of the latest iPad while there is a difference between the Android N and iOS 9 in terms of the modes. In the portrait mode, the Android N uses the bottom and top apps however in the case of the iOS 9 it is right and left apps for both the landscape and portrait mode.

When you look at the results of the approach between Android and Apple, you will notice that during the split screen, the Android’s approach breaks in the portrait mode however with the case of Apple the creation of tall and narrow apps can be seen.

In order for the feature to work on the iOS9, an update for all the apps is required so that the Split View can be supported. However, in the case of the Android N, it first allows you to have a look at the feature by providing a review before you go ahead and decide to use the feature of spit screen. Some of the apps has not yet been updated, this is why it notary’s the user by flagging a message.

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