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German Video Solves Apple Bug‐Will It Work?

After the recent news that came online regarding the bricking of iPhones when the system date got changed to 1st January, 1970, Apple has faced a number of problems. It has been seen that all Apple devices sporting the 64 bit processor has this particular problem, but the other version is quite safe. There has been a lot of service calls regarding this matter, but Apple has said that the present device update program does not include the fix for this problem. On the other hand, Apple announced that the next software update program will include the fix and will create no issues in the future.

German Video Solves Apple Bug‐Will It Work?

As it is seen from outside, after the date is turned back, the Apple device refuses to start again. In fact, due to the internal date confusion, the device falls in a constant rebooting cycle, which stops only after the device battery dies down. Moreover, rebooting the device using DFU mode and iTunes does not seem to work properly.

Though Apple has provided no reason for the bug to occur, an amateur programmer and YouTube videographer, Tom Scotts, stated that this particular issue happens due to the system clock. Since the Apple iOS runs off UNIX, the 0 time for the system is 1st January, 1970. Thus, the clock gets confused and this problem occurs.

Though Apple has not released any type of fix for this bug till date, a certain German video shows how one can fix this. According to the video, which has been posted in YouTube, one can solve this by simply taking the Apple device battery out and replacing it. Though it sounds easy, it is absolutely not, since the Apple devices are intricately made and the batteries are fixed. Moreover, if the person cannot replace the battery properly, the phone will not work at all. Thus, the best method to solve this is to contact any Genius Bar or authorized Apple Customer Service and wait for the new Software Update.

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